I wholeheartedly and unequivocally support my friend, Hassan Giordano, because I know Hassan has a passion for people that transcends politics. He has shown a sense of leadership and an ability to lead over the years without ever being elected to political office, but being just as effective, if not more effective in some cases, than those we elect to serve our interests. I have no doubt that Hassan will bring a local voice to politics that will empower the people, and make those of us who have mentored him proud to call him our friend.”

~Kweisi Mfume

Former Baltimore City Councilman, Congressman and President/CEO of the National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Hassan for years, and I know that he will make a great voice of the people. He knows what it takes to move things forward, legislatively and politicaly, when addressing the many issues that currently exist within our communities, and the citizens of this city and state will be well served having Hassan Giordano as their next political talkshow leader."

~Sheila Dixon
  1. Robert Embry, ABELL Foundation
    Mr. Robert 'Bob' Embry
    President, ABELL Foundation
  2. Lena Redmon, Pat Kelly, AFSCME 3674, Workers United
    Union Bosses
    Pat Kelly (left), President of AFSCME Local 3674 Courthouse Employees Union. Lena Redman, President of Workers United
  3. Jody Landers
    Jody Landers
    Former Baltimore City Councilman and President of the Board of Realtors
  4. Sonja Merchant-Jones
    Sonja Merchant-Jones
    43rd District Leader
  5. Barbara Jackson and Darlene Cain
    Barbara Jackson and Darlene Cain
    Two community leaders! Cain is the founder of Mothers on the Move, fighting police brutality and joined with Mothers of Murdered Sons
  6. Angie Winder
    Angie Winder
    NE Community Leader and Advocate, #RTVProject founder
  7. Ivan Bates, Esq.
    Ivan Bates, Esq.
    Premiere Baltimore Defense Attorney and candidate for State's Attorney
  8. Rita Church
    Rita Church
    East Baltimore community leader and candidate for state delegate in the 45th district
  9. Register of Wills employees
    Register of Wills employees
    Gaines Lansey, Crystal Coleman and Barbara Kelly, along with the majority of the ROW employees support Hassan